Tioman Island is situated in approximately 56 km of the East coast of peninsular Malaysia. It extends over more than 38 km in length and 19 km in width.

Strange legends tell the origins of Tioman and its inhabitants. The most well-known is the one of a beautiful dragon princess. On a journey between China and Singapore to join his prince, this imaginary princess stopped to enjoy crystal clear waters of South China Sea.

Enjoying the charm of the place, she decided to stop her journey. The princess was then transformed into island and promises to offer refuge and rest to the travelers. Nowadays even, it really looks like a dormant dragon.

The island benefits from a tropical climate with temperatures ranging from 28 ° to 30 ° C. The water temperature is 28 °. Tioman is the largest and most developed of volcanic islands that form Tioman Marin Park. The other islands in the region are Tulai, Chebeh, Sepoi, Labas, Sembilang, Seri Bua, Tokong, Bahara and Menggambarkan.

It is named as a marine park in 1995. Waters of Tioman is home to a multitude of species of aquatic and Barracudas, Napoleons, turtles, Morays and many other species.

Its rich coral gardens have corals multicolored fans, deer horn corals, Nudibranchs, and beautifully sculpted sponges.


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