Singapore is a city-state of South-East Asia, in south of Malaysia.

British commercial counter based in 1819, Singapore became since its independence one of the most prosperous countries to the world and shelter one of the most active ports which is while being very directed to the tourism and the biodiversity.

Singapore is an immense city, including several districts, each of them having its own page referencing the attractions, the restaurants, the ethnic atmosphere, the hotels and many other things. Combining skyscrapers and subway of a rich and modern city in a mixture of Chinese, Malay and Indian cultural influences under a tropical climate; Singapore has a delicious and varied cooking, uncountable shops and a very dynamic nightlife which make of this garden city a stopover of choice during the exploration of the region.

Singapore, as city, is organized in districts, which correspond globally to the districts of the French big cities. Singapore is a small country extending over a small island, but with its five million inhabitants, they can also speak about a rather crowded city, in fact, becoming directly in the second position after Monaco in term of country at the highest population density there.

However, this is in contrast to most of the countries endowed with a remarkable density, Singapore sees more than 50 % of its surface occupied by green spaces, distributed besides 50 big parks and 4 nature reserves, what makes it a charming city-garden. Just outside the heart of the city, more modern and cleaner the large sets of self-sufficient residential spread out on the whole surface of the island. The “city center” is in the south; it consists roughly of the Orchad Road zone of shopping, the recent marina called Riverside, and also the business center of Shenton currently called CBD (Central business district).

Places of interests

Riverside (Official District)
Orchard Road
Bugis and Kampong Glam

Little India

Botanical Garden of Singapore

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