Sarawak is one of the two eastern Malaysia states located on Borneo Island.

Great as one-quarter of the France, it is the largest state of the country by area, followed by its neighbor (Sabah). Located near the equator, Sarawak is covered 80% by Equatorial forest.

Paradise for eco-tourism, the largest state of the Federation includes ten national parks and immense caves, cradles of the human presence in this part of the world. The “land of hornbills”, double beak birds, symbols of Sarawak, accompanied by a network of rivers, is populated by many tribes still living in community in long houses, where a warm welcome awaits the visitor willing to move away beaten paths.

The capital of Sarawak, Kuching, its name means ‘cat’ in Malay, has retained its provincial character. It quietly stretches along the banks of the Sarawak River, which docks are pleasantly arranged along a paved driveway where restaurants and cafes have elected domicile. Tambang, traditional rowing boats were replaced by an engine, connect both banks. Kuching, the feline, the capital of White Rajahs, has the reputation to be one of the most pleasant cities of South-East Asia. The city includes many more museums, one of them belongs to Islam – less present than on the peninsula – and another one related to the history of Chinese people. Quite unique, the Cat Museum, away from the city center, delights the lovers of big cats.

Places of interest:

Bako National Park

Sarawak Cultural Village

Gurung Mulu National Park

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