Redang Island is a charming island being approximately in 45km off Terengganu coast. Its transparent sea contains hundreds of living corals species – classified as being among the most beautiful species in the world – and thousands of marine aquatic species such as sharks, armed raies and Manta raies.
Semi Marine Park, this island has 31 great varieties of dive sites, including two historic shipwrecks of the World War II and a garden of black coral. It is an indisputable place for sea diving in order to enjoy plunged at sea to admire seascapes, flora and fauna without limit of consumption.
In addition this activity is well organized and is found at very good prices the equipment and professional monitors to supervise you. Also You can go on excursions to observe the fauna of the island as monkeys and squirrels. Otherwise the secondary activity is the fine sandy beach and the landscape of postcard as far as you can see.

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