Situated in 144km in the South of Kuala Lumpur, Malacca was based in 1402 by a prince exiled from Sumatra. Simple small village for Fishermen has its beginners; the city developed very quickly and became the nerve center of trade for gold, silk, tea, tobacco and many other products coming from nearby countries and even from Europe and from Africa.

Classified in the world heritage of the UNESCO due to its rich history of trade and a multicultural heritage, Malacca is a magnificent destination to be explored.

Colonized in 1511 by the Portuguese then, in 1641, by the Dutch people, and finally by English, Malacca kept strong footprints of these successive colonizations.

In Malacca, the river with the same name, divides city in two parts. In the old districts of the northern bank, we shall explore rather on foot or on rickshaw, every street and every monument that tells its own stories.


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