Kuala Terengganu

Kuala Terengganu, situated on the East coast, is much more typical with its fishermen and less touristic villages. It always offers another vision of the country. Here the climate is hotter but the sea air makes heat tolerable. At city entrance, you will see and can visit the crystal mosque.

This city has got some centers of interests but it establishes essentially a place of transit to go on islands, which are too quite close, such as Tenggol.

You will also notice that the Muslim religion is mainly present in this part of peninsula. The state museum of Terengganu is located in a beautiful building designed with Malay architecture. The museum is divides in three great parts, one is devoted to traditions, and the other in history and last one is dedicated to the Royal family. This large Museum is interesting, you will discover the rituals and various ceremonies, but unfortunately English translation is not always available so that it makes understanding really difficult.

At city entrance, by passing on the bridge you will see the floating crystal mosque (there are several of them in the country), which is relatively recent.

You will discover traditional fabrics by visiting the Noor Arfa Craft Complex factory. You will be tought how is made “Batik” and “Songket” and will see that they are two very different methods. The Batik is a white cotton fabric that we print with vegetable colors. Using stamp can make this printing or in a more elaborated way in the hand with a brush; while Songket is a handmade weaving which requires certain know-how.



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