Kota Bharu

Founded in 1844 by sultan Muhammad II of Kelantan, Kota Bahru is the capital and the largest city in the State of Kelantan.

At only 20km of the Thai border, Kota Bahru is a city profoundly anchored in the Muslim tradition, where it is very pleasant to stroll through its countless streets and markets including the most famous, Kota Bahru Center known as “Pasar siti Khadijah”, to do good business.

You will also discover it numerous museums:

  • Muzium Krafangan (Arts and Crafts Museum)

  • Muzium Negeri (State Musuem)

  • Memorial Peperangan Dunia Ke II (Memorial of Second World War)

  • Muzium Islam (Museum of Islamic Arts)

  • Muzium Adat Istiadat DiRaja Kelantan

And you can linger in front of the Palace of Sultan who is a gem of architecture.

Kota Bahru is a city socially very conservative governed by the Islamic Party of Malaysia, respect the customs and habits while you visit this great city with a vast majority of muslims.

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