Johor Bahru

On the border with Singapore, the most southerly state of the Malaysia, Johor is the province the most populated in the country. Certain local attractions give a good reason for staying some times on the spot.

As political and economic center Johor Bahru is the most important tourist center of the province and the majority of the attractions are nearby. The travelers visit generally the Palais Royal of Johor Bahru and the vibrating night markets, considered as the best attractions of the province.

Johor is surrounded with Pahang in the North, Negeri Sembilan and Malacca in the northwest, and the Strait of Johor in the South. Its border with Singapore is an entry point for numerous visitors with 50.000 people crossing the bridge between both countries every day. Due to its closeness with the ocean, Johor benefits from magnificent landscapes and the city became a vital tourist attraction for travelers on the road of Singapore.

Johor benefits from a climate of tropical monsoon mostly throughout the year, taking advantage of temperatures bordering 27°C, with only light variations during the various seasons. The rainy season goes from May till December. This season considered as a significant portion of the total annual rains.

The period going from January till April is ideal to visit the Juhor state because it is not extremely warm and the rainy risk is only slight. The humidity can be relatively high at this time of the year that makes air conditionning very appreciable.


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