MALAYSIA Is composed of two distinct regions:

In the West ou West Malaysia Peninsular Malaysia (in southern Thailand) is divided from north to south through mountainous chain of which most of the highest peak is Mount Tahan Located in the park of Taman Negara, culminating at 2189 m, and surrounded by large forest areas. The west coast bordering the Malacca Strait and plate is marshy, the East Coast, on the contrary, is composed of long sandy beaches.  North Country (Perlis and Kedah) is Regarded as the payer’s rice granary.

Malaysia Eastern Territories is composed of Sarawak and Sabah and North Located Indonesia (Borneo).
This part represents 15% of the population on 60% of the territory. Is it mainly consists of wet Rainforest and a non Fairly High relief: Mount Kinabalu, Who rises to 4095 meters is one of the highest points of South East Asia.
It shares its borders with the Sultanate of Brunei (381 km), which is landlocked on Borneo Between the States of Sabah and Sarawak, Indonesia (1178 km), Thailand (506 km), and Singapore have 4675 km of coastline.

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