Malaysia is one of the Asian Tigers, it increased in 25 years the stage of developing countries to developed countries. The development of Malaysia is organized according to a five-year development plans. In March 2006, the government launched the 9th Development Plan. The government aims to reach by 2020 a fully modern and developed nation.

“Malaysia 2020 “is a real issue in the country. The economic growth of Malaysia is achieved through the modernization of transport (Metro in Kuala Lumpur, highways, bridges, commercial ports), communications and energy infrastructure, and the development of industrial zones and tax incentives for investors in export industries.

The official currency is the Malaysian Ringgit (RM). 1 euro is  approximately 4.5 RM (June 2016). July 21, 2005, Bank Negara, the Malaysian national bank ended the fixed exchange rate (Ringgit aligned with the United States Dollar (US $). She went to a managed floating regime.

Japan, the USA. and Singapore are the country’s main economic partners. Malaysia has become a world leader in the production of electronic components including semiconductors, and is the first country in Southeast Asia to design and produce a car, the Proton, which is exported all over the planet. Proton is now rivaled by a second Malaysian company: Perodua (Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Sdn Bhd, literally ‘Second Automobile Company’).

The main resources of the country are:
gold, Tin, iron ,bauxite from the west coast, offshore oil and gas operated off the eastern coast, Agriculture and forestry, wood, rubber (third world), palm oil (first world producer)

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